AAIMS offers a wide variety of programs for persons interested in pursuing a career in medicine. Students are accepted at the beginning of the January, May and September Semesters. AAIMS welcomes students wishing to transfer from other institutions of higher learning. Such persons must meet all the admission requirements and complete remaining course work at AAIMS to graduate.

Transfer Students are responsible for arranging with the institution they are currently attending to forward the official transcripts to AAIMS. The Admissions Committee will decide which courses can be credited. Courses taken more than eight years prior to the application will be considered at the discretion of the Committee, unless Candidates obtained a Bachelor's Degree.

About University

AAIMS Campus is located in the town of Black River, the capital of the parish of St Elizabeth, Jamaica. Established close to the banks of the river after which it is named, the town is one of the oldest in the island. A bustling port in the 19th century, Black River was, at that time, one of Jamaica’s grandest and most modern towns. It was the first to receive electricity and to have motor cars and one of the first to have telephones. The campus is the site of historic Invercauld Great House, situated on 5 acres of immaculately landscaped grounds, overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

In keeping with our Mission to graduate students who serve the community and who are committed to excellence, faith, leadership and service, students are encouraged to participate in free clinics offered through the Student Guild’s participation in health fairs, demonstrating care for the elderly residents of local infirmaries and rehab centers serving the wider communities through membership in faith-based clubs and service clubs such as the Rotoract Club formed by the local Rotary Club.

The Committee also has the discretion to accept students who transfer from complementary Medical School programs. Transfer credits for the MD Program will be given only for those subjects passed successfully at IMED-listed MD programs. All transfer credits must be completed within seven years from the date of graduation from AAIMS.

Student Life

Students will find a safe, secure and cost effective environment in which to study, while the south coast of the island provides an interesting variety of stimulating leisure activities.

The Student Services Department is charged with responsibility to develop and implement services and activities which will not only enhance the personal development of our students but would also provide opportunities for cultural enrichment and their involvement in the various school communities. Students lounges, study rooms, recreational facilities, including a swimming pool, tennis court and basketball are some of the facilities available for students to ‘let off steam’ or relax. Visits to attractions located in close proximity to the school such as the Safari Boat Tours; Y-S falls; Bubbling Spring Mineral Spa, to name a few, provides additional opportunities for the pursuance of adventure and recreation.

Students have a choice of a variety of very comfortable, furnished housing accommodations on Campus and off-Campus. Students are given priority for housing on Campus during their first year. Safe, secure and cost effective environment in which to study, while the south coast of the island provides an interesting variety of stimulating leisure activities.

The safety and security of our students are taken very seriously. All classroom buildings have electronic access control swipe card systems and are well-equipped with the necessary fire detection equipment. In addition, the school has dedicated 24/7 security team guarding campus as well as onsite cameras connected to the observatory room with electronic security systems. All students and staff are provided with a school ID card to be used on entering and exiting the premises.